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psychic predictions   Maria is an amazing Australian Psychic and Clairvoyant.

Born in1952, at The Entrance, on the Central Coast of N.S.W.

Maria (Mary) was the third daughter of a legendary stockman.

Growing up in the outback, educated both in the central west and western outback towns Maria learned to live her young life in the traditions of the land that gave her the knowledge she needed as time went on.

From being the daughter of a well known legendary stockman , she has inherited the skills and knowledge passed on to her by her father, and the tribal elders that were known to him.

Her Credentials as a Psychic & Clairvoyant are very extensive, and a short list is provided here:

  • Maria has regularly been featured in the Australian National Newspapers and has a Nation wide audience. Her amazing psychic predictions have been regularly featured in many Australian Magazines, including the Australian Post Magazine, and New Idea & has earned her the name of the best Psychic & Clairvoyant in Australia.
  • She amazed the media by predicting in print the Newcastle Earthquake, the resignation of the Australian Prime Minister of the time, Bob Hawke, by predicting the scandal in the American White House, the release from prison of Nelson Mandela, and the death of Princess Dianna, the crash of the late Peter Broch, Bathurst Race Winner, the passing of Kerry Packer, and the late Steve Irwin, which was recorded,for mid January, however it came in earlier than first anticipated.
  • Maria & her psychic predictions have been used by the Australian Police, both the Federal Police and by three different State Police, to assist in their investigations into both crime and missing persons.

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Maria is available for you now to help you with Confidential Psychic & Clairvoyant Consultations.

Privacy is assured, and Maria brings caring and insight into all your problems on all aspects of personal life.